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Electric LHD Series

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  • 3 cubic main technical characteristics of electric scraper
    Downhole Electric LHD series is mainly used wells mountains to shovel loose material after blasting transport dominated. Can also be used in railway, highway and water conservancy engineering, especially for poor working conditions, job site stenosis, low and muddy work surface. The machine power system with AC 380V, 45KW motor drives, hydraulic control variable pump - variable motor - gear box - front and rear axles - four rubber wheel drive. Using a rotary bearing link rear rack swing. Cable reel cable reel system uses hydraulic control valve control, close embrace, put the cable pressure stability. Using a dedicated cable scrapers, wear Lai pull. Working hydraulic control system using pilot operation, making operation more simple scrapers, efficient, low failure rate. Emergency, parking brake uses a closed friction disc brakes, spring brake, the brake fluid pressure is released, the brake power outage immediately, its safety and reliability.

  • Parameter Parameter values
    Bucket capacity(m³) 3
    Rated load(t) 6
    Maximum scooping force(kn) 132
    Maximum traction(kn) 150
    Maximum unloading height(mm) 132