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Mine hydraulic drilling

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  • Crawler arms hydraulic drilling HLCMJ-18 hydraulic drilling rig (mine hydraulic drilling) Series
    Mine with full hydraulic drilling (drilling rig) specifically for mine roadway, culvert excavation, tunneling work. Mine with full hydraulic drilling (drilling rig) with full hydraulic drive arm drilling, drilling speeds of up to 0.8-2 m / min. The system automatically stops the impact of a destination, automatic anti-jamming, sensor water slag and other functions, easy operation, safe and reliable.
    Mine with full hydraulic drilling / drilling rig main features:
    1 body is small, compact, low center of gravity and flexibility;
    (2) using crawler way, stable, climbing ability;
    3. Flexible hydraulic rock roadway agencies face, roof, side help, bottom drilling operations can;
    4 The machine can not only boring blasthole drilling, according to the case section size, mounted on a patented propulsion, the can be easily drilled bolt holes;
    5 single machine power, low energy consumption, less pollution, low noise, can greatly improve the working environment, improve efficiency and quality of construction, ideal for narrow roadway operations.

  • Parameter Crawler arms hydraulic drilling / drill rig
    Drilling speed(m/min) 0.8-2
    Rod length(m) 3.05
    Hole diameter(mm) 27-45
    Hole depth (one-time advance / m) 2.7 (Standard)
    Applicable section (W x H / m) 2.5x2.5-5.5x4.5
    Walking speed (km / h) 3
    Gradeability (%) 25
    With drilling machine model 2xHYD200
    Dimensions (L x W x H / m) 7.95x1.35x1.6
    Motor power (kw) 45
    Voltage (v) 380或660
    Weight (kg) 9000
    Model Number boom 2xZB2.9
    Up / down (°) 55/16
    Arm inside / outside (°) 14/47
    Compensation (m) 1.5
    Rotary positive / negative (°) 180/180
    Propeller model number 2xTJ2.7
    Pitching stoop / Yang (°) 105/15
    Angle Left / Right (°) 45/45
    Note: The above parameters are for reference only, and may differ from the actual parameters.

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